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Originally from Queens, New York, I started drawing with crayons and pastels at an early age.  As I hit my teens, continuing into my 20’s, pen ink and rollerball gel pens became my preferred medium.  A lasting memory is accompanying my father, Arthur, who was a professional photographer, to a factory that specialized in manufacturing all kinds of paper including high-quality gloss and matte card stock.  The owner gave me a bunch of samples to take home and my creative journey began.  
The feel of the paper and the empty white space called out to me for railroad tracks, arrows, stars, faces, geometric shapes and whimsical patterns, and energetic bursts reminiscent of gasoline glinting from the pavement.  

Incorporating intricate detail sometimes with a spectrum of colors and other times more monochrome created stained glass and mosaic effects in some of my work.  I use different types of inks, including fountain, ballpoint, paint pens, and many kinds of markers.  Most of the original art was created on  11” x 14” (and smaller) sized card stock or drawing paper. 

No piece of art that I have created is pre-conceived, my hands take over and bring the medium to the paper.  This process results in spontaneity with color, shapes, textures, and designs which draw the viewer in and allows for personal interpretation.  Virtually all of the pieces take me many “work” sessions, even years, to complete as I like to layer in new ideas and ruminate on what the art is telling me to do next.  Time going by also allows for the various inks to dry well and not smudge as I add to the piece. My hope is that these designs bring joy, conversation, and some wonderment to your home, office, and most of all to your life!

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